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Google Mock Interviews

Didn’t get to participate in the Google mock interviews? Worry not!

On April 1st, Google software engineer Sander Alewijnse will go over the do’s and don'ts of the technical interview process.

In this session, Sander will give a comprehensive review and discussion on our students’ performance during the mock interviews. We urge you to attend, as it will be a beneficial review session if you want to understand the nuances of a coding interview at top tech companies like Google!


April 1st 12:30 - 13:30:
Review session going over common mistakes and tips for future interviews

The link to the google meet can be found in our discord server by clicking the button!

Why join us?

Below are listed just some of our activities!


Find like minded people through an excellent support network full of many types of students at TU/e, including internationals, bachelors, masters, PhDs, etc.

Job Application Help

Don’t know how to get your dream tech job? Ask our community to guide you through the process and receive advice on CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn, referrals, and more!

Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect! Be prepared and relax for your next technical interview by practicing with our welcoming community.

Daily Practice

Keep your skills sharp by checking out our daily programming problem! These questions mirror what is asked during a technical interview at a Big-N company.


Join our weekly project club where we work together or separately on similar projects and assist each other. It is a great way to build your CV, gather more experience, and meet some new friends!


Partake in one of our several events throughout the year where you can get exposure directly from Big-N companies. Be sure to look forward to our workshops, guest speakers, and more ambitious events to come soon!

Join our Community!

We prioritize the strength of our community because we believe it is the best way to find support for anyone’s ambitions. Students should be surrounded with positive influences during their studies and navigation through their careers. Gathering diverse, but similarly motivated students, incites the collaboration needed to build one’s capabilities as a future professional in tech while building strong friendships and networks.

Due to lockdown we primarily operate through discord so be sure to join our server using the link below!

About Us

Break The Algo, affectionately known as BTA, was founded to bring about a positive change to the culture of our student body. Currently in its inception, BTA boasts 60+ members and is in touch with Big-N companies. Starting 2021, we look forward to host events that will be conducive to both your academic and career ambitions.

Our focus is to bring you a holistic career-based education complementary to your studies at the university. Primarily, we want to set-up our future software engineers and data scientists for a great start post graduation.

We urge you to join our growing community, you won’t regret it!


Founders of Break The Algo

Asfandyar Azhar

Data Science Student

Marissa Manago

Computer Science Student